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You can have a funeral anywhere!

What is an unconventional funeral?

An unconventional funeral can happen anywhere.

Key points

Did you know that you do not have to go to a funeral director?

You can apply directly to a crematorium or a natural burial site and they will be happy to explain the next steps to you, without ever needing to go to a funeral director.


You can have a funeral in a hotel, on a beach, in your garden - wherever you want it to be held.


You can have it with your loved one present, or their ashes, or even prior to a private or direct cremation/burial.


Help from funeral directors is available

There are funeral directors who specialise in helping you through the grieving process and allowing you to take care of your loved one personally.

I can contact them or point you in the right direction should you wish.


Finding out more

You can attend a coffin club and find out all about the mechanics and legalities of death.

I can guide you through all of it and answer your questions - and if I don't know, I know someone who does!



I work with you to plan your funeral service - be it a long time in the future or nearer in time, together we will get it right. This is so reassuring for those that love you - they know exactly what your wishes are and it takes a massive burden off them, at their worst time.

I love to share some of the unconventional funerals I have planned and conducted with my families. Take a look below at some of my recent services, or contact me to find out more.

In a pub or hotel

This funeral was held in the deceased's favourite pub. His wife and friends celebrated his life as they wanted it to be celebrated. As an ex serviceman we had the last post, and there was a wonderful, informal vibe to the whole service.

His body was cremated separately and his ashes taken to a place they loved for dispersal.

There were no time restrictions, people felt relaxed, and everyone agreed that he would have loved it.

In your garden

This heartfelt funeral took place in the garden which the deceased had tended with so much love when alive.

I planned the funeral with him and his wife, taking time to find out his wishes, and to make sure that everything was as he wanted.

On the day, his ashes were placed centrally, and the guests sat in a circle. There was no time limit. We listened to music, passed a memory stone amongst us, created a bouquet with a flower for each person there, and his children spoke movingly of their love for him.

At the end we mingled, chatting about his life and remembering all he meant to everyone who loved him.

Pagan funeral

This funeral took place at Croydon Crematorium, but was still an authentic Pagan Funeral. Before the service opened a sacred circle and called the quarters. I placed earth, water, fire and a feather to represent air at strategic points around the catafalque where the casket was placed. Pagan and Celtic prayers were said, and we honoured her transition from the physical to the spiritual plane.

Oathing stone and flower ceremonies

What is an oathing stone?

The ancient Celts believed that stones symbolised eternity, and that a vow or promise made holding a stone was all the more binding.

At different funerals I have adapted this to help those attending to feel connected to their lost loved one.

A painted stone

The stone above was passed around the mourners during the reflection music

 (pre covid) and they were asked to remember Richard and all that they loved about him. The stone afterwards was placed by his widow where she could see it, and it brought her tremendous comfort to know that all of her family had passed their love and memories of him on, to be held for eternity.

(Even those who told me they thought it was a bit 'weird' said afterwards they got it and it had been very moving for them)

Gem stones 

 for a pagan ceremony spiritually cleansed gem stones were given to each mourner as they entered the service. They held them while we talked about the wonderful person they had lost. They held them as they listened to music and remembered her, and also when we prayed. At the end of the service they were returned to her daughter so that she has a box of gems infused with love and support from all her friends and family. The mourners, many of whom were not pagan themselves, reported that having something to hold really helped them during the service.

Heart stones

for a family who were united in grief, I provided four heart shapes stones I had gathered on a beach. They held them during the service, and as each one came up to speak. They placed them on the coffin whilst standing around it saying a Buddhist prayer, and then took them home, having a link to each other and to their father's last resting place.

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