Celebrant Kate wedding, funeral and baby naming celebrant

Celebrant Kate  

Celebrating life and love  from beginning to end.

Independent and Humanist Celebrant for  Wedding, Funeral and Naming Ceremonies.

Hand tying with ribbons (Hand-fasting)

A traditional Hand-fasting was a signal of a couple’s desire to wed in Ancient Celtic and Pagan times. Nowadays it is frequently used to symbolise the love and commitment a couple share outside of marriage, or as part of a wedding ceremony.

During a Handfasting ceremony 3 cords are bound together to represent the unbreakable bond between two people. The hands symbolise the love you give to each other.

The couple then hold hands and their hands are bound together using the cords which they have helped to bind.

The Celebrant then calls upon the couple to say their vows of commitment to each other.

You write your own vows (I can help!) – to represent the unique truth which is in your heart and the love you bear for each other.

You may want to involve Pagan elements – the wind, earth, fire and water symbols can be invoked and used as part of the ceremony. Gifts may be exchanged, and witnesses may play their part – it is your choice and can reflect all that you are to each other.

These ceremonies can take place wherever you wish – outdoors, in your own home, or in any place which is special to you 

Sand ceremony

The sand ceremony is a wonderful way to celebrate the blending of your lives together. It is even better when two families join together . Everyone pours their own colour of sand to create a beautiful sand sculpture to keep forever. Choose a container and colours you like as part of the ceremony.

Wedding ring warming

Your wedding rings are passed from hand to hand. As each person holds your wedding ring they pass on their love and good wishes to you both. The rings are imbued with all the love in the room. What a wonderful way to start your married life.

Oathing Stone

Your own personalised oathing stone - plain or painted to your own specifications. Ancient people believed that an oath made over stone held power and would last forever. I will let the stone choose you - and then help you to write your vows, involving and honouring your ancestors and asking them for their blessings for your union. You can keep the stone afterwards as a symbol of your love and the vows it holds deep within.

planting ceremonies

Plant a tree or sew some seeds to celebrate your union. You may like to include a ceremony which Invokes the elements to guide and protect you throughout your marriage.

Unity Candle

The unity candle symbolises your lives becoming one. You each take a lit candle and jointly light the unity candle. This can be,decorated with your wedding date and text from your vows, or any other meaningful text. It burns throughout the ceremony, and can be kept and lit each year on your anniversary to remind you both of the vows you made.