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Traditional or unconventional - helping you to find the words.

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Over view - Why choose me to conduct your funeral?

I can help you to give your loved one the funeral service or celebration of life which celebrates who they were and tells their story.


Just because someone has died it does not mean that they have changed. Their life in all its colour deserves to be told as you wish it to be.


Let me help you to make your loved one's funeral relevant to their life and filled with small details about them which you loved (or which infuriated you, but you miss like mad


I work closely with many wonderful funeral directors in Kent Surrey and Sussex. Ask for me by name or contact me directly


I am a member  an Independent Celebrant, trained to create the perfect funeral service, whether humanist, spiritual or with  religious content - the choice is yours.


Contact me directly or ask for me by name via your funeral director.


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Each of my scrolls contains the words of the entire service in an attractive script and watermarked with a relevant picture.

You can hold a funeral or celebration of life separately to the burial or committal . I also love conducting memorial services and ash committals. These are free to families I have conducted a service for.


by Char March

Listen. There is this silence now. This stillness.

Gradually we will get used to it. But, for now,

It is strange.

You have left such a gap.

Our world is in shock, holding its breath.

But listen closer – all your laughter, all your love

Is still ringing out. Still holding us. All our memories of you are still with us.

All the love we shared is still in every one of us.

And although we ache from the loss of you,

You will always be here – as still and steady,

And fierce, as any star. Look. You are shining

Bright through all our skies.

Thank you

For being here with us.

"You were the celebrant at a lovely funeral I went to on Thursday last week and I’ve told several people how good you were! "

"Thank you again for your wonderful input Kate, so good to have your support and it’s a relief to know you will be there to guide us all through on the saddest day of our lives."DG

The way you go above and beyond for each family in your care still amazes me! - D. Funeral Director

How to plan a celebration of life style funeral

Celebrant Kate explains how she will help you to plan the perfect funeral. She will help you to make this celebration of life exactly as you wish and has some top ideas to create a ceremony which honours and celebrates the life as lived.