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Celebrating life and love from beginning to end


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Now this would be an amazing place for a wedd8ng! #weddings2025 #weddingobsessed #not really allowed ...

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Pre wedding season getaway! ...

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Just such a happy photo of these two lovelies. We had a fabulous #cocktailceremony 🍸🍸as part of their ceremony, and didn`t spill a drop!
@anaturalwedding @hitcheduk @countyweddingmagazines @thepostbarn @tietheknot17 @prettyandpunkweddings @independentcelebrants @sustainableweddingallianceuk
#weddings2025 #weddinginspo

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Happy Easter! ...

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Happy Easter! This weekend I am mainly writing weddings, in between visits to Sissinghurst and the odd Easter Egg and hot cross bun! Enjoy and rest up, for Spring is coming😁 ...

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Remembering this beautiful vow renewal at Stonehenge. @katherine__ramsey_ @emily_brown_photography #stonehenge #sunrisewedding #solsticewedding #sunsetwedding #sunsetceremony #handfasting @tietheknot17 @prettyandpunkweddings @countyweddingmagazines @hitcheduk @independentcelebrants ...

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Beautiful full moon last night, this photo really doesn`t do it justice. In the #Pagan #wheeloftheyear we are in #ostara , celebrating new beginnings and growth. I am enjoying writing #handfasting 🪢and #wedding ceremony first drafts with my #2024couples.
Can`t wait to celebrate with them at their chosen venues, amongst which are
@longtonwood @ravenswoodvenue Moon Down and #Stonehenge.
When you get looking for venues, remember the planet. Ask questions, take a look at sustainable and/or #netzero places like @boreplace and @thelostvillageofdode and @barnfieldweddings @countyweddingevents @hitcheduk @tietheknot17 @prettyandpunkweddings @aoic @anaturalwedding

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This beautiful dog is a Galgo, a sighthound bred for hunting in Spain. Each year, about 20,000 of these dogs are bred, used and abandoned or killed. This gorgeous boy has 3 legs because of how he was treated, but he now lives a beautifully happy life with two others in England, thanks to a rescue project based in Spain, and the love and care of his humans. @112carlotagalgos rescues, mends and rehomes these dogs. Follow them to find out more. Google galgos too, though this may lead you to some distressing photos, be warned.
I love Olaff, Ninja and Primrose,rescued and safe.

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A lovely poem chosen by a family I met last night to discuss a funeral.
🫂when you need support most, it is my role to meet you, sit with you, hear you.
I will meet you at your house, online,at the funeral directors, in a cafe, pub, or once, memorably, in an Indian restaurant 😀
I know you will be juggling work, family and exhausted grief, so will meet you when it suits you, including evenings.
🧸Together, we will help you to find the words to say goodbye.
@aurora.funerals @thelostvillageofdode @hollybarrowcolumbarium

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A message or just a white feather, what do you think? #naturalburials #celebrationsoflife #sustainableglfunerals #personalfunerals
@aurora.funerals @welhamjones @eden_valley_natural_burial

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Beautiful couple, gorgeous setting,this wedding was filled with joy.
@thebetterregistry @anaturalwedding @hitcheduk #outdoorwedding @countyweddingevents

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Morning! Happy Monday. This was the view from my sofa, where I sat and read yesterday. Needed a recharge after a full week of funerals, chats to lovely couples, visits to @aurora.funerals and @thelostvillageofdode, and planning chats with @emily_brown_photography .
🐦🕊Watching the birds and enjoying the sun on the tree tops was bliss.
🚗This week I have a wedding outline to write, and a handfasting to plan, plus two funerals to write, three to conduct and one bereaved family to visit.
But I know I can always connect to nature, as @tansyinthewild says.
If you would like to discuss a wedding, celebration of life, or baby naming, get in touch!
#handfasting @hitched @boreplace @countyweddingmagazines @edenwood_place_weddings @frasersegerton #weddings2025 #celebrantwedding @tietheknot17 @prettyandpunkweddings

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Remembering this gorgeous couple at Moon Down woods last year. It poured with rain,but the love between them warmed us all! ...

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My visit to @hollybarrowcolumbarium based at @thelostvillageofdode was very inspiring. Paul showed me around and explained the history and development of this ancient place. If you would like your ashes to be placed in this reverent place, do get in touch. I will be spreading the word to the wonderful #undertakers I work with. I was so overwhelmed I forgot to take any photos!🙄
#naturalundertakers #sustainableundertakers #sustainablefunerals #naturalburials
@alex jones funeral @welhamjones @aurora.funerals funeral partners

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Excited to be visiting @hollybarrowcolumbarium today, which is based at @thelostvillageofdode . Today I am learning about this modern Long Barrow. Just as I like the weddings I write to be completely original, I also like to offer #paganfunerals #wiccanfunerals and #celebrationsoflife. Recently I was at @clayton wood natura burial grounds, for an interment of ashes. I suggested a gemstone ceremony, which added a comforting and spiritual dimension to a loving celebration of life. T be able to create a spiritual funeral ceremony in such a hallowed spot as Dode, would be fantastic. Photos to follow... ...

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Still one of my happiest memories as a celebrant. With friends and colleagues from the college who trained me, FOIC. If you would like to know more about sunset and sunrise ceremonies inside the stones at Stonehenge, I would love to have a chat. #spiritualwedding #paganceremonies #handfasting #weddings2024 #justengaged #vikingwedding #sunriseceremony #sunsetwedding #sunrisewedding @hitcheduk @tietheknot17 @anaturalwedding @countyweddingevents #stonecirclewedding #loki #Anubis #noneedtoask ...

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February 14th was the bird`s wedding day, my gran used to say, so did you say yes? If you did what kind of a wedding are you planning? Fun? Romantic? Simple? If you would like it to be all you dream of, give me a call😁. @boreplace @anaturalwedding @thebetterregistry @akentishwed @Edenwood Place @hitcheduk #justengaged #brides2024 @brides2025 @couples2024 @couples2025 @couples2025 #weddings ...

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@kata.jewellery created this beautiful ceremonial ring for me and I wanted to thank them.
♻️ the silver used is all recycled from silver jewellery of mine. This included a precious ring my parents when I was 14, which I can no longer wear. I know it is a part of this ring and treasure it.
☸️ the design, by Jennifer Kata, reflects my journey to being a celebrant, and also relates to chakra and energy spirals.
✅️The semi precious gemstones are ethically sourced from registered mines.
👬👫👭🧑‍🤝‍🧑 if you would like your rings to say as much about your ethical and sustainable journey as they do about your love. Or if you just love jewellery which is gorgeous, unusual and sparkly,,
@kata.jewellery are for you!
@boreplace @countyweddingmagazines @countyweddingevents


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#rescuedog #dogpretendingtobeameerkat #smilingdog Happy Monday everyone.#joyfulmonday ...

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