When planning a funeral, here is something you might not know

You do not need to have a funeral in a crematorium or a graveyard. You can have t a funeral, a celebration of life or a memorial service  in your favourite place – your garden, a local pub, favourite club or hotel. If you come to me directly for your funeral I can recommend some lovely funeral directors and also oversee and organise the day, making it 100% about your loved one. No rush. No conveyor belt feeling – your celebration of life will be a true reflection of the life as it has been lived. Pagan, spiritual, mixed faith funerals, as well as humanist or no religion? I am here for everyone, and will give you the authentic funeral you want. I work in Kent, Surrey, London and Sussex, and can travel to where you wish me to be. Be it a field funeral, a woodland farewell service or a pub garden send off – give me a call and we will find the perfect way to say goodbye.

scrolls and seed hearts for mourners

A simple farewell at a crematorium or graveyard can be transformed to be the joyful telling of a life well lived, filled with the personality of the one you have lost.

Each of my scrolls contains the words of the entire service in an attractive script and watermarked with a relevant picture

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You can hold a funeral or celebration of life separately to the burial or committal . I also love conducting memorial services and ash committals.

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